Calling all past employees of the
Did you ever work for the Nepean River County Council - from its inception in 1954 to its amalgamation with Prospect County Council in November 1979? Well we want to hear from you…

Sharon Greene (formerly Gercken, nee Francis) with the help of Graham Campbell, are planning to produce a publication about the NRCC: a human story about its success as a council and the people that made it work.

We are asking past employees to tell us who they were, where they worked and who they worked with - remembering a story or two: something worth preserving for inclusion in the story of the Nepean River County Council.

Sharon recalls:
Starting work for the County Council on 10th April 1970 as a very new junior, the first person I meet was Jeff Eves who introduced me to the team at the Campbelltown office. There I spent several years with Betty McCarthy, Wal Smith, Kay Kyle and all the team, went onto being the Officer-in-charge at the Camden office, after Les Papworth retired and finished my years with the Council, in Accounts at the new Head Office building in Picton.

At NRCC we really were one big family, and it has been in later years that I have come to appreciate the atmosphere, the comradery, the friendships and the friendly rivalry between offices and depots, that made it a really special place to work.
I can truthfully say my years with the NRCC were my best working years!

It is indeed a pleasure, together with Sharon Greene, be a co-ordinator of the Friends of Nepean River County Council website.

Graham recalls:
I joined Nepean River in July 1973, I can remember my first day, coming in through the back door of Picton Office and meeting Norm, Barry, Pam and … I can also remember the last day in Picton in December 1979, that Christmas party and smoking something - I can't remember if I inhaled or not, it didn't matter it was the end of something special.
In between there were the people I worked with, that we all worked with. Some have passed, some may not be able to be found by this website and its participants and others such as Wendy, Marg, Kay and Sharon and many more are friends to this day.

Hopefully the contributions, photos and memorabilia given will enable old friendships to be rekindled and many stories be relived.

Indeed we are Friends of NRCC - Amicos Para Sempre' - Friends for Life.

So if you would like to join Graham and I on our journey of memories please complete the online profile and questionnaire on this website or contact us